Ticket Vending Kiosk for Train or Metro or Subway

April 13, 2022
Latest company case about Ticket Vending Kiosk for Train or Metro or Subway

KINGLEADR customized a special kiosk for one of our customers,the kiosk was dedicated for vending ticket for train or metro or subway and had been deployed in a few countries in the Southeast asia.


By leveraging our self-owned R&D capabilities,we designed based on the customer’s rough idea,and worked on draft drawing and specifications,after several rounds of intensive discussion,we finally came up with relatively mature proposal that was ready for prototyping.


And then,not long after testing the sample unit and a little change made to it,both the customer and us finally agreed and decided on all details of the kiosk that was released for mass production and rollout of market.


The kiosk mainly included a LED monitor,Infra-red touchscreen,a enclose/case that was made of cold-rolled steel and powder-coated,a industrial computer,a UPS,an IC card dispenser,an ATM card reader,a receipt printer,a ticket printer,a LED panel that was for advertising or displaying notice,a cash acceptor and dispenser, ,a coin acceptor and dispenser etc.


“KINGLEADER’s staff impressed us a lot while working with them,they had done a great job in helping us win the bid and the big orders…..” said Muhammad Alan,leader of the project.