Medical Keyboards-Hot Sale Globally

May 18, 2020
Latest company news about Medical Keyboards-Hot Sale Globally

With the widespread outbreak of the pandemic(COVID-19) around the world,there is an increasing concern on how to contain transmission of the coronavirus in public places,particularly those medical facilities like hospital,clinic,healthcare center and so on.


Thanks to their unique features and excellent performance,purchase orders for our medical keyboards are flooding in from many countries especially those being severely hit by the virus,like United States,United Kingdom,Spain,Italy,France,Germany….Basically our medical keyboards have the below main features:


-Made of silicone

-Use of antimicrobials to contain reproduction of harmful bacteria like Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus

-Low-profile key design making it easier to clean or disinfect the surface

-NO groove design to avoid hiding of harmful bacteria

-Completely sealed to be IP68 compliant,thus washable

-Can be cleaned with alcohol or other liquid disinfectant